from the river to the sea and the sea of blood between
200+ Compilation
Bacchus Harsh track RE-de-Territorial Pissings

Bacchus Harsh on 200+!

Gadigal crew 200+ are the only straight up crew that cuts though all the scene bullshit. Taking their cues for the old school but with better haircuts and ethics - diversity, experimentation, community, safety and questionable music. 

22 tunes made by stalwarts and starlets from all over so called Australia.

Fuk the oppressive, nationalist, far-right, fascist and genocidal regime of the Israeli state, from it's conception with the deeply flawed Balfour Declaration in 1917, to its inception with the ongoing Nakba starting in 1948 and continuing brutally to now.

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File under: electronic / breakcore / gabber / idm. experimental / ravecore / speedcore